What is data-in.place?

It all started with a simple statement: "Open data should not only be open, but also accessible and understandable for everyone".

With this objective in mind, we started looking at the already existing open source visualisation software we could leverage. Luckily we found RAW Graphs, an open source visualisation framework that aims to make the visual representation of data easy for everyone.

We loved the work that the folks at DensityDesign and Calibro were doing on RAW Graphs and with their blessing we started to build on their existing framework, creating what would eventually become data-in.place.

The project went through an intensive co-design process to figure out what is the value of open data for people and how would they prefer to access it. We found out that a sense of place is the most important factor for contextualising data. That's why the focus of data-in.place is enabling people to use map based querying to access open datasets. data-in.place is currently focused on accessing open data about UK, but we are planning to extend it further.

Data Licences

Digital boundaries and geo lookups contain National Statistic data and OS data data © Crown copyright and database right 2017. Most of the open data is licenced under Open Government Licence, except where otherwise stated.


data-in.place was first developed as part of Digital Civics PhD research in Open Lab at Newcastle University.

It is currently developed and maintained by @aarepuu.